Canadians have developed a first rate education system as they value learning to a great extent and attach tremendous significance. With over 90 universities and 150 colleges and technical institutions to choose from Canada features almost every course you can dream of. Canada holds a proud reputation as an International education destination. Degrees offered by Canadian colleges/universities are recognised world wide as superior than many other English speaking countries.

Sr. No. College Name Logo Website Url
1 Bow valley college, Alberta
2 Thompsonrivers University, British Columbia
3 Columbia College Vancouver, British Columbia
4 Selkirk College, British Columbia
5 College of the Rockeries, British Columbia
6 Capilano University British Columbia
7 University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia
8 Camosun College British Columbia Camosun College British Columbia
9 Fairleigh Dickinson University, British Columbia Fairleigh Dickinson University, British Columbia
10 Langra College, British Columbia Langra College, British Columbia
11 Acsenda College British Columbia Acsenda College British Columbia
12 Arbutus College, British Columbia Arbutus College, British Columbia
13 AMITT, Manitoba MITT, Manitoba
14 Fraser International College,British Columbia Fraser International College,British Columbia
15 North Island College, British Columbia North Island College,British Columbia
16 Red River College, Manitoba Red River College, Manitoba
17 International College Of Manitoba, Manitoba International College Of Manitoba,Manitoba
18 The University of King College, Nova Scotia The University of King College, Nova Scotia
19 Seneca College, Ontario Seneca College, Ontario
20 Conestoga College, Ontario Conestoga College, Ontario
21 Lake head University, Ontario Lake head University, Ontario
22 Humber College, Ontario Humber College, Ontario
23 Sheridan College, Ontario Sheridan College, Ontario
24 Lambton College, Ontario Lambton College, Ontario
25 Mohawk College, Ontario Mohawk College, Ontario
26 Durham College, Ontario Durham College, Ontario
27 Algonquin College, Ontario Algonquin College, Ontario
28 St. Lawrence College, Ontario St. Lawrence College, Ontario
29 Fleming College, Ontario Fleming College, Ontario
30 Fans awe College, Ontario Fans awe College, Ontario
31 Georgian College, Ontario Georgian College, Ontario
32 St. Clair College, Ontario St. Clair College, Ontario
33 Confederation College, Ontario Confederation  College, Ontario
34 Cambrian College, Ontario Cambrian College, Ontario
35 Centennial, Ontario Centennial, Ontario
36 Can adore College, Ontario Can adore College, Ontario
37 CIMT, Ontario CIMT, Ontario
38 Evergreen College, Ontario Evergreen College, Ontario
39 SIAST, Saskatchewan SIAST, Saskatchewan
40 University of Regina, Saskatchewan University of Regina, Saskatchewan
41 Parkland College, Saskatchewan Parkland College, Saskatchewan
42 La Salle college, Quebec La Salle college, Quebec
43 BITTS, Ontario BITTS, Ontario
44 Okanagan College, British Columbia Okanagan College, British Columbia
45 Northern lights College, British Columbia Northern lights College, British Columbia
46 New York Institute of Technology, British Columbia New York Institute of Technology, British Columbia
47 Douglas College, British Columbia Douglas College, British Columbia
48 Royal Roads University, British Columbia Royal Roads University, British Columbia
49 Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia
50 Niagara College, Ontario Niagara College, Ontario
51 George Brown College, Ontario George Brown College, Ontario
52 Northern College, Ontario Northern College, Ontario